July 22, 1996

The Honorable Mr. Ujjal Dosanjh
Attorney-General for British Columbia
Rm 232 Parliament Bldg.
Victoria, BC  V8V 1X4

Dear Minister,

An article in the Vancouver Sun (Friday, July 19th, 1996) reports that
you have asked your ministry to investigate offensive material on the

I am writing to you now to express my willingness to review under the
guidance of your staff any web pages that your office might wish to bring
to my attention, whatever your specific concerns might be.  If it is
the author, rather than specific contents of any page you want removed, 
perhaps you could provide a list of authors that should be removed.

As a small company providing computer communication services to a large
and diverse clientele, I cannot afford the time and effort that would be
required to scrutinize every piece of information our customers put on
the Internet, ... nor do I think our customers would tolerate such an
intrusive policy.

In addition, information on the Internet can be highly dynamic, changing
from day to day, or even moment to moment.  It would truly be an
impossible task for me to attempt to exert editorial control over
information put on-line by my customers.  In the end, I think it
should be clear that if anyone is held responsible for inappropriate
content, it should be the individual who creates the information and puts
it on-line.  Individual accountability can be the only reasonable policy.

Nevertheless, given your recent statement to the press, I think the
interests of your office and of my company would be best served if you
brought any concerns you might have to my immediate attention so that we
might be able to act together to resolve them quickly and informally.

I assure you of our cooperation and look forward to your reply.



Bernard Klatt

Bernard Klatt
Fairview Tech Ctr Ltd.			Phone: 	(604) 498-4316
Rt. 1 S24 - C9				FAX:	(604) 498-3214
Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0			email:	bwklatt@ftcnet.com