(For immediate release --- July 12, 1996)

Visit EFC booth at EDEN MusicFest

Organizers of the EDEN MusicFest have generously agreed to donate a portion of the ticket proceeds to Electronic Frontier Canada, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting freedom of expression and the right to privacy in cyberspace. The alternative rock music event is taking place July 12-14 at Mosport Park and feature numerous bands, including: The Cure, Tragically Hip, Bush, Live, Spin Doctors, and many many more.

A dozen volunteers, led by EFC's event coordinator, Jon Lax, will be manning an information booth at EDEN's Internet Expo, along with volunteers who have flown up from their sister organization, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, based in San Fancisco.

The two groups are collaborating to raise awareness about the importance of protecting free speech on the Internet. EFC president, David Jones, said he thinks the EDEN MusicFest is an ideal venue for getting the message out. "Fans of alternative rock know the value of freedom of expression", he said.

The EFF's Lori Fena, screaming into her cellular phone over the sound of live music, in the midst of an estimated 50,000 attendees, said, "It's a happening scene! You gotta be here."

* Cybercast *

And even without a ticket, you *can* be there, in a virtual sense. Staff at EDEN's Internet Expo are scrambling to get a live feed from the event onto the Internet. Calling it a 'cybercast', they plan to include live video, live audio, chats with band members, etc. The web address is http://www.edencast.com/

* Award-winning web sites *

Coincidentally, Electronic Frontier Canada's web site has been named 'Canuck Site of the Day'. Sponsors of the award describe the site at http://www.efc.ca/ as "One of the most important sites in Canada!" The Electronic Frontier Foundation web site has recently identified as one of the 10 most-linked-to sites in the entire world.


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