First report on EFC at EDEN MusicFest

Friday, July 12, afternoon

After much loitering at the 'VIPER' entrance, trying to reach someone who could scramble down with a vendor parking pass, EFC's coordinator for the EDEN MusicFest, Jon Lax, finally made it into the site.

When I spoke with Jon early Friday evening he said activity near the EFC booth seemed slow, but wasn't surprised; it's Friday (a work-day) and most of the crowd is fairly young. He estimates 25,000 attendance today, and expects it might double on Saturday. A few EFC T-shirts have been sold (Jon says they look awesome!), and the joint EFF-EFC membership drive is going well with several people signing up already. (EFF's T-shirts are unfortuntately stuck in Canada Customs!) There's lots of interest in the EFC brochures and cards. The EFF folks are giving away various buttons (blue ribbon and golden key campaigns) and they have neato "wash-off" blue-ribbon tattoos that seem very popular.

So it sounds like we're off to a good start for the weekend.

If you want to listen to the bands, the Live Cybercast is up and running. There's a live Real-Audio feed working at:
For more details on the Cybercast, see:
David Jones -- President, EFC