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From: Canadian Internet Licensing Board 
Subject: Satirical Canadian Web Site has Net in Stitches

Hip Hype Inc. Admits:  "It's Only A Joke, Eh!"

(April 1, 1997)  Hip Hype Inc., Canada's first public relations company
dedicated to the integration of online and offline strategies and services,
was today revealed as the creator of the recent satirical Web site for the
non-existent Canadian Internet Licensing Board .

The Canadian Internet Licensing Board (CILB) recently created a stir among
the Internet community through its Web site, which includes an "official"
Web site licence application form.  The site, suitably bureaucratic in look
and tone, becomes increasingly ludicrous in its "Cancon" requirements, until
it is clearly revealed as a joke.  The successful online stunt was the
brainchild of Hip Hype Inc., in an effort to encourage thought and stimulate
discussion about regulation of the Internet while honouring the great
tradition of April Fools Day.

"We are thrilled by the response we've received to the CILB Web site," says
Carol Feeney, founding partner of Hip Hype Inc.  "We've received more than
11,000 hits and more than 75 "licence applications" -- many tongue-in-cheek
-- in less than 24 hours!  We were also awarded the Cool Canadian Site of
The Day award and chosen as a Yahoo! Canada Pick of the Week."

Hip Hype's Bill Sweetman, the "idea guy" behind the CILB Web site, is not
surprised by the reaction. "Regulation of the Internet is a hot issue these
days," believes Sweetman. "With Elections Canada threatening to regulate
political Web pages, we wanted to get Canadians thinking and talking about
the implications of this while having a bit of fun."

The CILB Web site can be reached at:

Visiting Webmasters are invited to place the "official" CILB "License This!"
icon on their Web sites as an expression of their support of freedom of
online expression.

Hip Hype Inc., with offices in Vancouver and Toronto, is Canada's first
public relations company dedicated to the integration of online and offline
strategies and services.  Launched in December, 1996, Hip Hype represents a
fusion of traditional public relations and marketing with knowledge of the
Internet's unique culture and technology.

For more information on Hip Hype Inc., visit the Hip Hype Web site at or send an e-mail to or call (416)
538-0099 / (604) 681-4018.


For further information (and lots of laughs) we invite you to visit:

          The CILB Interactive Press Kit - 

Featuring CILB background material and useful links, including details of
the "investigation" of CILB by a Halifax Internet Cop (we're not making this
up), fast facts, feedback, newsgroup discussions, graphics, links to freedom
of speech resources, and much more!

You can also contact:

          Julie Giles
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Gratuitous Celebrity Endorsement of CILB:

"I imagine I'll get flooded with queries from the press about this . . . The
prank at least helps to demonstrate the futility of trying to do anything
online; and it's timely, given that bureaucrats in various government bodies
in Canada continue to make noise about the need for 'Net regulation.  As far
as I am concerned, those who want to regulate the Internet might as well
make winter illegal in Canada as well."

Jim Carroll, co-author, Canadian Internet Handbook

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  "It's a joke, eh!"