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Dear Sirs


Website ULR:

You currently hold on your Website the text of the above report.   The =
purpose of this message is to set out the Nottinghamshire County Council'=
s position with regard to its copyright rights in the report.

Copyright in the report is vested in the Nottinghamshire County Council =
and has been since 1990 when the report was produced and as such the Nott=
inghamshire County Council has rights as copyright owner under the Copyri=
ght, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Any copying of the report is an infringement of the Nottinghamshire Count=
y Council's copyright.

For the avoidance of doubt the copying of the report or any hypertext lin=
ks on this Internet Website is an infringement of copyright.

The provisions of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 includes =
storing of the work in any medium by electronic means. Neither you nor =
the owners of the Website have sought permission from the Nottinghamshire=
 County Council as copyright holder to store the Report by electronic mea=

I therefore give you notice that unless the report is removed from the =
Website forthwith and for the avoidance of doubt within 24 hours of recei=
pt by you of this mail The Nottinghamshire County Council will issue such=
 Court Proceedings including injunction proceedings or take any action =
as may be appropriate.

Some of the young persons named in the Report are the subject of deemed =
care orders made in accordance with the provisions of the Children Act =

The Nottinghamshire County Council has Statutory and Common Law obligatio=
ns and duties to those young people. It is in acknowledgement of those =
Statutory and other Common Law obligations and duties that The Nottingham=
shire County Council is taking the steps mentioned in this letter.

Yours faithfully,
C P. McKay
County Solicitor 11/06/97
Nottinghamshire County Council
County HallWest Bridgford