The Varsity
(University of Toronto)
Monday, March 31, 1997
vol.117, no.48

Student arrested for e-mail threats

A U of T student from Etobicoke has been charged with sending threatening e-mail to female university students.

The man sent obscene and threatening messages to 40 women, mostly from U of T and Carleton University, reading "U shall get it Paul Bernardo style!" and "Watch u'r back when u go out!"

David Neelands, U of T head of student affairs, says the university is sensitive to the matter.

"We're monitoring it very closely. It would depend if it was an on campus offence and what extent university faculties were used or not", he said.

The threats were sent out early in March.

T- F- was arrested on Thursday and laid with 43 charges including uttering death threats, mischief, and extortion.

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