The Vancouver Sun
Monday, June 22, 1998
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Net Nanny offers more site safety

by Gillian Shaw

Net Nanny Software International, a Vancouver company that develops and sells filtering software to protect children from inappropriate material on the Internet, is adding more than 6,000 web sites to its list of sites that can be blocked.

Dubbed the KID list, it was compiled by two non-profit child protection organizations, CyberAngels Internet Safety Organization and Safeguarding Our Children - United Mothers. The list has been copyrighted by the two organizations.

The sites were not previously blocked by such filtering programs as Net Nanny.

"We are licensing the list so we can increase the safety provisions we offer in our software to our users", said Les Jickling, manager of marketing and business development for Net Nanny Ltd., a subsidiary of Net Nanny Software International.

The list will be added to Net Nanny's current list of 20,000 sites deemed inappropriate for children, but Jickling said while there is controversy over which sites should be blocked to children, there is no doubt the KID list should be out of bounds.

The company described the sites on the KID list as ones that would "enable pedophiles to convince, desensitize, and exploit children into believing sex with adults is acceptable".

Among other sites included on lists recommended to be blocked to children are ones that focus on adult pornography, bomb-making, and hate literature. While such sites may be inappropriate for children, they can be considered free speech, but pedophilia is illegal.

"This list we've licensed is clearly inappropriate for children in the sense that pedophilia is illegal in Canada and the rest of North America", said Jickling.

The KID list will be available with Net Nanny software, which has a suggested retail price of $39.95 and will be available free to Net Nanny users.

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