The Vancouver Province
Thursday, January 15, 1998
page A14

B.C. called base for 'Net hate

by Jack Keating and Greg Middleton

B.C.-based hate groups are running amok on the Internet, says the Simon Wiesenthal Centre.

Sol Littman, the centre's Canadian director, says he will release results today of two years of "intensive research" by the centre on hates sites on the Internet.

"It will involve the fact that British Columbia is becoming the hate capital of Canada in terms of the Internet", said Littman, currently a visiting scholar at the University of Arizona in Tucson, teaching a course on the Holocaust.

Littman said he will show "some absolutely incredible (hate) material" from the Internet at a press conference today.

He said the public should be concerned about this "full range" of hatred - including anti-Semitism - and he is advocating more stringent control of the Internet.

"We have several suggestions on how the situation can be improved", he said.

One of Littman's main targets, Toronto's Marc Lemire, who runs The Freedom Site through a B.C. Internet provider, said Littman is full of hot air.

"I have asked Sol Littman on various occasions to point out exactly what he considers to be 'hate' on the Freedom Site, and Littman has never bothered to even write me back", said Lemire, who brags on his site that he's condemned by B'nai Brith.

"If Littman was really interested in fighting hate on-line he would simply call and talk to me. Littman could then point out specifically what he considers 'hateful' on the Freedom Site and I would seriously consider removing the offending material", Lemire said.

Lemire's Freedom Site provides links to right-wing-extremist and white-supremacist groups in Canada and around the world.

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