The Vancouver Province
Wednesday, July 6, 1999

Sex guide taken off Quebec-backed Web site

by Michel Hebert

QUEBEC (CP) -- A Web page aimed at youth, Sexual Guide for Virgins and Beginners, has been dropped from a Quebec government-backed Internet site. The French-language page, available from mid-June until its removal Tuesday, featured sex tips and a virtual character called Webinette, the web mistress.

Webinette's advice, complete with explicit details, ranged from choosing the most satisfying positions to keeping quiet while having sex to avoid alerting parents.

Girls got pointers on bondage, with arms and legs behind the back - "it's less irritating with tape than with ropes" - and on oral sex as well as having a quickie.

Boys making love for the first time were told to embrace the partner strongly and give her a bite.

"If she doesn't find that exciting, don't worry about it", said the Web-page adviser. "It will reassure her about your feelings and it's sure to help your relationship."

The page was linked to the site of the Printemps du Quebec, a cultural event staged in Paris that showcased the different facets of Quebec life.

The audacious Webinette, created by a private firm, first appeared last month on the Printemps du Quebec site alongside opera singer Nathalie Choquette and Louise Beaudoin, Quebec minister of international relations.

Sylvain Gagne, deputy commissioner of the Printemps du Quebec, said he ordered Webinette's removal from the site as soon as he learned of her existence.

An angry Gagne, interviewed by telephone from Paris, said the page was in extremely bad taste.

"Not everyone has the same notion of what constitutes good taste", Gagne admitted. "It was a link over which we had no control."

However, Webinette's removal from the Quebec government page hasn't erased her from cyberspace.

The blunt-spoken character remains available elsewhere on the Web and is known to viewers of Cyberclub, a Quebec TV show carried by the TVA network.

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