The Toronto Star
Monday, April 21, 1997

Hacker alters CBC's Internet site

An Internet prankster got the better of the CBC's web site yesterday.

A group calling itself ``The Brotherhood of Warez'' hacked into the web site - - and replaced the opening screen with its own message.

Under the headline ``The Media Are Liars'', the group detailed its interpretation of Sommy, the ``cyber-stalker'' who terrorized a Windsor family. The ``stalker'' turned out to be the family's 15-year-old son.

The message blasted the media for portraying hackers as ``malicious''.

``Hackers and phone-phreaks are not what the media portrays'', the message said. ``They are not the huge threat that certain people would have us believe.''

The group blamed the media, particularly the CBC, that ``sensationalizes issues like this one to sell papers, make headlines, and get ratings''.

The CBC took their site off-line last night.

Mike Erlindson, The Star's web site producer, said it's hard to believe an ordinary hacker could break into a high-profile page.

``You would need a lot of computer skills to do something like that'', said Erlindson.

``It's like a prank. But it's just destructive.''

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