The Toronto Star
Thursday, February 18, 1999

MP3 news moving fast and furious

by Robert Wright, fastforward@tsnl.com

As Gerry Blackwell mentioned in his recent excellent roundup on the new music paradigm spawned by MP3, events are unfolding quickly. Here's a roundup of recent ones:

Incidentally, here's proof the MP3 movement is for real. According to searchterms.com, a resource tool for Web masters, MP3 has become the No. 2 search term entered into search engines behind, you guessed it, "sex".

Sony on the Mac

Another interesting development occurred at MacWorld when computer innovator Connectix showed off a software product that lets Macophiles run PlayStation console games on their Macintosh computers. Needless to say, Japanese electronics giant Sony was not amused, and launched a lawsuit a few week's later to block the $50 U.S. Virtual Game Station. A day later, Connectix began shipping the product.

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