Toronto Sun
Friday, March 28, 1997

E-Mail threat charges laid

by Ian Robertson

A U of T arts student has been charged with threatening women with "Paul Bernardo-style" treatment through a student computer e-mail service.

Ottawa Det. Keith Daniels sought help from Metro Police after tracing messages received by 50 students at Carleton University to a free student e-mail service in Toronto. Three victims are from the U of T.

Ashford said the messages were traced to terminals in the U of T library via e-mail systems as far away as California.

Police said the messages included the same words: "U shall get it, Paul Bernardo style!!!! Watch u'r back when u go out!!!! hehehehe!", followed by curses and swear words that degrade women.

T- F-, 21, of Etobicoke, is charged with issuing death threats, extortion, and mischief.

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