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Wednesday, November 27, 1996

Violent Kiddie Porn Seized

`Sick' photos shock cops; student charged

by Ian Robertson

A Newmarket student is charged with building one of the province's most extensive "sick" files of violent kiddie porn.

Computerized photos seized in a teen's home early Monday show bondage and violence involving children as young as two, the head of Project P, a joint-police anti-porn task force, said yesterday.

After making contact three weeks ago, computer-whiz cops who surf the Internet looking for illegal porn exchanges pulled the plug on what OPP Det. Staff-Sgt. Bob Matthews called "very sick material".

He said the accused teen "needs help".

What shocked police was the degree of violence in the scenes that were both copied and shared over the Internet, Matthews said.

"We're talking very, very young, pre-pubescent children, some of an age where they'd barely have begun talking ... under two years," he told The Toronto Sun.

Scenes also included acts in which young adults were rendered unconscious during sex.

"The sex was of a very extreme violence", Matthews said. "It's very, very rough stuff. It doesn't get much worse."

"We have no idea of where it comes from", but the photos of boys, girls, and adults of both sexes came from a wide ethnic mix, Matthews said.

"We believe there's approximately 500 children shown."

While some of the material is "similar" to the 30,000 child pornography computer files seized in Northern Ontario last month, there is also no apparent link with a 22-year-old Kirkland Lake man. Matthews said that raid netted police the largest volume of confiscated kiddie porn in North American history.

The Newmarket teen, "who lives at home with his parents", was released with numerous conditions to his family's custody after a court appearance. He's due back in court on Dec. 18.

His parents, who apparently had no knowledge of what their son's computer was being used for, "were shocked", Matthews said.

[SML], 18, of John Bowser Cres., Newmarket, is charged with making and distributing child pornography, distributing obscene material, and possession of kiddie porn.

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Update August 21, 2010:
[SML] was found guilty and sentenced to community service at his church. He was pardoned in 2009, at age 31.