The Toronto Sun
Tuesday, May 27, 1997

Racist website not mine: Zundel

by Zen Ruryk

Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel says a California woman created and operates a controversial Net web page which promotes his views, a Canadian human rights tribunal heard yesterday.

His lawyer, Doug Christie, told the panel Ingrid Rimland of Carlsbad, Calif., designed and controls "Zundelsite."

The Toronto Mayor's Committee on Community and Race Relations and Sabina Citron, a founder of the Canadian Holocaust Remembrance Association, launched complaints.

They alleged Zundel used the Net to engage in a discriminatory practice.

Christie urged the tribunal to delay the hearing, pending a ruling on his federal court challenge of the proceedings.

Security was tight as everyone entering the courtroom was checked with a metal detector.

Commission lawyer Ian Binnie said there was no reason for a delay and urged the tribunal to go ahead with the hearing. The case resumes today.

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