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Saturday, May 24, 1997

Charges stun his pals

Cops make 3 arrests in Internet kiddy porn ring

by Dave Rider

FLAMBORO -- A hockey association president charged with downloading Internet kiddy porn pushed recently for the screening of coaches to weed out child molesters.

"I know the man, I know his wife, I've been at their house and I'm astounded by this", said Betty Duckworth, a life member of the Flamboro Hockey Association. "I support Mr. (Richard) Janes. I don't know what he's caught in the middle of. He was a proponent of screening for our coaches."

Janes, 44, was charged Thursday with possessing and distributing about 1,100 sexually explicit Internet images of children as young as four, some involving urination and bondage.

Teen not named

The CASE farm equipment engineer and his wife Marianne, 40, on leave from her post as head nurse in the newborn unit at McMaster University Medical Centre, also were charged with corrupting a child.

A 15-year-old who can't be named by law also is charged with owning and distributing kiddy porn.

Janes, a former minor hockey coach voted president of the association in March, called her before the charges became public and professed his innocence, Duckworth said.

The Janes live in a pretty brick home with large shingled roof, screened-in porch, and an immaculate lawn.

OPP Project P and Hamilton-Wentworth police recently seized two computers from the home.

Marianne Janes, tall with short greying hair, came to the door but would only say, "I have no comment", as a man stood nearby.

Her husband, known as Rich, suddenly resigned as president of Flamboro Hockey Association on Wednesday evening, said vice-president Nancy Boyle. "He just said he was having problems", said Boyle, who was not at the meeting and was stunned to learn of the charges.

"It's a shock. That's the only word that I can think of that even comes close to how I feel."

Janes coached boys -- aged 10 to 13 -- years ago but then switched to administrative work, first as convenor scheduling the season, then vice-president, and finally president.

Worried parents want to know if the alleged kiddy porn involved hockey players. But police have said the 5,000 pornographic images, along with 200 adult pornographic magazines recovered so far were not manufactured by the Janes.

The investigation was launched after a tip from the U.S. Customs service. The OPP allege Janes and a 15-year-old were trading images with at least one American.

Richard Janes appeared briefly in court yesterday and was released on bail until June 16 when his wife also will appear.

-- with files from Steve Payne, Ciaran Ganley

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