The Toronto Sun
November 5, 1996

Canuck held in kid porn sweep

by Scot Magnish

TORONTO -- A Kirkland Lake man has been charged in a Canada-U.S. probe of pedophiles on the Internet that resulted in the largest seizure of kiddie-porn in North American history.

OPP Det. Staff-Sgt. Bob Matthews said yesterday 30,000 computer files containing child pornography were seized at a Kirkland Lake home last month in the on-going investigation.

"This is by far the largest seizure we've seen in Canada ... and, I'm told, North America", said Matthews, head of the eight-man anti-pornography unit dubbed Project P.

"I've never seen anything like it in eight years on the job."

Neither had officials at the FBI and U.S. Customs, whose probe of a San Jose-based Internet group called "The Orchid Club" netted 14 arrests on child porn charges in September.

A 15th person, who used the alias "McPhisto", remained at large until early October when Project P detectives traced him to a computer operating out of northern Ontario.

Although police have yet to go through all of the material seized in the raid, Matthews said the computer files contain text, still photos and "movie clips" of pre-pubescent children having sex with adults, other children and animals.

In some material, Matthews said, the children appear to be drugged; in others, they are "obviously in pain ... some are crying out.

"It really tears your heart out", said Matthews, one of many who lobbied for changes to Canada's anti-obscenity laws in 1993 to make it illegal to possess child pornography. Unfortunately, he said, the growing popularity of the Internet has made enforcing that law increasingly difficult.

For every site like the Orchid Club shut down, he said, hundreds more exist.

Trevor Davis, 22, of Government Rd. E., Kirkland Lake, is charged with making, importing, distributing, and possessing child pornography, each of which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail.

Davis, a video store employee who went to school in the northern mining town of 10,000, was released on bail after his arrest and is to re-appear in Kirkland Lake court Nov. 18.

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