The Hamilton Spectator
Wednesday, May 28, 1997
(letter to the editor)

Inappropriate Photo

The Spectator's tabloidesque colour photo May 24 of Richard Janes of the Flamborough Hockey Association presenting a hockey award to a young player was extremely inappropriate and indirectly associates the alleged child pornography charges with Flamborough hockey.

Normally, a newspaper publishes a picture of the person who is charged but The Hamilton Spectator took the opportunity to sensationalize and sell more papers. It should be noted that there is absolutely no relationship between Janes' position in Flamborough hockey and the crimes he allegedly committed.

Why did The Spec not publish a picture of Janes with another community organization or for that matter with his employer? Why? Because hockey is the buzz word.

A front page, colour picture taints minor hockey in our community, even though there is no relationship. This is tabloid journalism.

-- Paul Branston, Waterdown

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