The Hamilton Spectator
Saturday, November 21, 1998

Computer sweep at Dofasco Inc.
leads to worker suspensions

A number of Dofasco employees have been suspended after an internal investigation of computer systems revealed questionable material.

Dofasco spokesperson Bill Gair says, "We do have an extensive PC (personal computer) system and strict policies governing communications and e-mail."

Gair confirmed yesterday that action has been taken to punish employees using their systems to store personal information.

Employees were warned in some cases, and suspended for up to three days in others.

Gair would not disclose the exact nature of the findings, but said, "We found some inappropriate material - some of it has been offensive."

Gair says employees may use their computers to store some personal information - within reason - but the sweep of computer checks revealed off-colour jokes, photographs, and other material.

The police have not been involved.

Gair says the company has a "zero tolerance" for in appropriate personal information on a computer, and the investigation is ongoing. There may be more suspensions. He says, "We don't normally publicize suspensions. The fact that we're doing it (warning and suspending employees) should send a clear enough message."

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