The Hamilton Spectator
Thursday, February 20, 1997
page A15

Man charged with Internet distribution of child porn

TORONTO (CP) -- After a police raid found hundreds of pornographic computer files, a man has been charged with possessing and distributing child pornography on the Internet.

The investigation began last month with a tip from British detectives about computer pornography.

"We got information from police in Manchester, England, that child pornography was being posted to a certain newsgroup", said Detective Sergeant Chris Hobson, of the Toronto police pornography squad.

"The newsgroup was publicly accessible and the material was coming from Canada."

Investigators traced the postings to a Toronto address and raided a home in suburban North York on Tuesday night, seizing computer equipment and about 1,000 files they said contained child pornography.

The search was delayed while experts from the Toronto zoo were called in to deal with more than two dozen snakes kept in the house.

Hobson said police around the globe must co-operate to keep up with child pornography and other criminal activities on the Internet. "This is a global problem and law enforcement agencies are starting to deal with it on that level."

Allen Hunter, 33, faces charges of possession and distribution of child pornography. He is to appear in court March 25.

Last October, police charged a man in Kirkland Lake, Ont., with distributing child pornography after provincial police seized thousands of computer files in a raid. Trevor Davis, 22, is to appear in court on those charges next month.

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