The Hamilton Spectator
Saturday, March 7, 1998
(Letter to the Editor)

There are solutions to cleaning up the information highway

RE:    'Library will hear dad's Internet concerns'
'Keeping dark side of the Net at bay'
'Dad furious daughter saw erotica on the Net'

Recently, a number of articles have appeared in the newspaper which have underscored the fear in the hearts of many parents concerning the safety of the Internet for their children.

Although it is true that the Net is polluted with all kinds of filthy garbage, we just can't turn away from it and ignore the vast resources which are available to us. Our children need access to this information highway without the threat of pornography or hate literature to warp their innocent minds.

However, what choice do we have when the destructive material is so easily accessed, even without intent?

I was given an amazing opportunity to learn of a new Internet provider which blocks out the undesirable material for me. This is called CleanNet and from what I have personally experienced, this appears to give me the choice that I desire. I no longer have to fear what my teenage daughters are going to see, thus giving us all the freedom to surf the web without incident.

Furthermore, this same company also markets the Rocket which doesn't block any material. This gives all of us the ability to choose the type of access we want for our families.

Whate more could any of us ask for? The right to choose the type of lifestyle we value and the tool to do it with has been given to us.

Now we have the solution to deal with the offensive material on the web and we need no longer fear letting our children use it.

Patricia Upton, Waterdown

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