The Hamilton Spectator
(Free Press Edition)
Wednesday, August 6, 1997
page FP3

Mom's bomb scare

Kids use Web to make device

HAMILTON -- Police called in a bomb technician to deal with a homemade explosive device concocted by two teenage boys -- two days after their mother began trying to get authorities to do something.

Kim Urquhart, mother of the boys, one 12, the other 14, said they put gasoline and other household products in a plastic pop bottle on the advice of a 14-year-old friend, topping it off with a flare.

Staff Sergeant Ken Leendertse of Hamilton-Wentworth police said the pair discovered how to make the bomb using the Internet, which has countless sites with detailed bomb-making instructions.

"Without knowing what the contents are, we're treating it as a live bomb", Leendertse said last night.

The bomb technician was called in after another officer looked at the bottle and talked to the boys.

Leendertse said it would be taken away in a bomb truck and destroyed.

The boys' mother said it took two days of phone calls to police, the fire department, a waste disposal site, and finally the news media to get a police officer to look at the bottle.

"I don't even want to take it in my car -- anything could happen with that thing", Urquhart said before police arrived.

The Hamilton Fire Department said it doesn't have the equipment to deal with potentially explosive materials.

(Photo caption: Sons Cory, left, and Kyle Urquhart made a bomb while mom Kim was out job hunting.)

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