The North Shore News (Vancouver)
Monday, September 29, 1997

Sex crime nets probation

Woman posts another woman's number on sexually explicit site

by Anna Marie D'angelo dangelo@nsnews.com

Internet crime made its way into North Vancouver provincial court last month.

Jennifer Wold pleaded guilty to harassing a woman with repeated phone calls, even though she didn't make the calls.

According to the North Vancouver RCMP, Wold, 19, had a falling out with the woman over a boyfriend.

Police say Wold entered an "explicit sexual" advertisement about the woman on the Internet in the middle of May. The material was entered on a bulletin board of an Internet sex site.

Along with an invitation to have kinky sex, the woman's name and North Vancouver address were entered on the Internet.

The woman, police say, received 30 phone calls within days and a letter from Egypt in response to the Internet sex ad.

The upset woman changed her phone number after receiving the 30 calls.

The calls were mainly local numbers, said police.

The harassed woman became afraid and had to see a doctor for a sleeping and eating problems, said police.

Police used a search warrant to obtain information from Wold's Internet access provider.

Wold's Internet use record was obtained.

North Vancouver RCMP Const. Tom Seaman said that the charge was laid because the offence was committed in North Vancouver, even though the Internet has international links.

Meanwhile Wold, of North Vancouver, was sentenced to 18 months' probation for the crime last month.

North Vancouver provincial court Judge Jerome Paradis prohibited Wold from using the Internet while on probation.

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