Monitor Magazine
vol.4, no.7
Monday, February 10, 1997


No Net Censorship in the Classroom

by James Careless

Electronic Frontier Canada (EFC) has made a strong anti-censorship statement to Ontario Education Minister John Snobelen following published reports that he favours `controls' over Internet materials entering Ontario classrooms.

Dr. David Jones, President of EFC, today addressed a stern letter to Snobelen, after the minister was quoted in the Kitchener-Waterloo Record (Feb. 5, 1997) as saying he wanted to "develop ways to control information that comes into the classroom off the Internet."

Billing EFC as `the country's largest organization devoted to the preservation of `Charter' rights in cyberspace', Jones suggested that, rather than resorting to censorship, "Parents and teachers should provide children with background, perspective, and context that allows them to make wise choices."

In the letter, Jones states that EFC is also categorically opposed the use of so-called `parental control' software in school Internet connections. Such software can be used to block specific sites, or entire groups of sites, dealing with subject matter deemed unfit by the `controlling' authority.

Copyright © 1997 by James Careless. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with permission.