Maclean's Magazine
Monday, June 2, 1997
page 23
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Hamburgers and the Elections Act

Elections Canada is not fooling around. The law says it is illegal to broadcast, publish, or disseminate the results of an opinion survey within three days before the polls close. That used to apply only to surveys by scientific pollsters like Angus Reid and Environics. But now, the Elections Act is being more broadly interpreted to include informal burger polls by reastaurants like Hungry Jack's in Dartmouth, N.S. The news was enough to give owner Jack Helmkay indigestion. "I can't see how they can classify it s scientific", Helmkay said. "We're just having a bit of fun."

Elections Canada spokesman John Enright says the federal agency is determined to investigate written complaints, although "we won't have people on every street corner". But it has also cast its gaze towards the Internet. For example, operators of the Yahoo! Canada Web site -- which provides electronic links to The Globe and Mail News Wire and Maclean's -- have been told they must ensure that no one can access even previously published articles containing poll results. Says Warren Caragata, Yahoo! Canada's executive producer: "Canadians don't have any right to see their history during the blackout period."

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