The Montreal Gazette
Tuesday, June 9, 1998
page A6

Three accused of posting bomb recipes on Internet

Three Quebec City-area men were arraigned in Quebec Court yesterday for stealing Internet passwords and offering online recipes for how to make explosives.

Pierre Guy Lavoie of Saint-Nicolas, Guillaume Boyer of Saint-Augustin de Desmaures, and Stephane Boivin of Quebec City were charged with being in possession of stolen passwords.

Guy Amyot, of the RCMP detachment in the provincial capital said an investigation by the Mounties found that the passwords were used to "break into hundreds of U.S. companies."

But he couldn't offer details about the passwords, explaining that the information is vital to the court case.

Lavoie, 21, and Boyer, 20, were also charged with using the Net to teach people how to manufacture explosive substances. Boivin is 22.

"We don't know if anyone used the recipes", Amyot said. "There have been no indications that they were used."

Following up on an April complaint, the RCMP investigated and carried out raids on the homes of the accused May 13. Police seized six computers, instruction manuals on how to manufacture explosives, and hacker literature.

All three men were arrested yesterday morning at their respective homes and arraigned in the early afternoon.

They are free on bail and scheduled to return to court July 21.

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