The Edmonton Journal
Thursday, October 23, 1997

Campus Web site moose to go

EDMONTON - The moose that caused a stir at the University of Alberta is being pulled off the campus Web site.

The Oct. 9 version of the cartoon Space Moose was pulled from the Gateway because it depicted the lead character opening fire on a women's Take Back The Night march.

But the strip still attracted complaints to the office of the dean of students and campus security because it was on a university Web site, the Internet address of which was printed in the Gateway.

The cartoonist, Adam Thrasher, said Wednesday that he planned to get the comic strip off the university Web site to a private Internet server. (www.spacemoose.com)

University authorities, including representatives from the dean's office, campus security and computer services, met this week to discuss complaints about the strip.

Although no disciplinary measures are contemplated, a decision was made to ask Thrasher to remove the cartoon voluntarily, said Burton Smith, acting dean of students.

He will still be able to keep his campus computer account if he voluntarily removes the comic strip, as every student automatically has rights to use the university computer system, Smith said.

The controversy has been picked up by national media, giving Thrasher and Space Moose more exposure than he ever expected.

"I'm an underground cartoonist -- I've always tried to keep a low profile."

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