Canadian Press
Monday, March 15, 1999

Internet provider targets bulk e-mailer with court action

TORONTO (CP) -- A Toronto-based Internet provider has filed a request for a 'cease and desist' court order that would shut down a slippery spam artist.

Spam is techno-speak for electronic junk mail, otherwise known as bulk unsolicited commercial e-mail or BUCE.

"Our policy is zero-tolerance to BUCE", John Nemanic, president of I.D. Internet Direct Ltd., said in a statement released today.

"This individual was aware of those policies... Each time we found him and removed his access, he would come back under false pretenses, using a series of phony names... It was difficult to track him down."

Despite filtering, warnings and killing accounts, the spammers keep coming. The company estimates about 30 per cent of its incoming e-mail is in the form of unwelcome junk messages.

"The spammer usually hides their address, so the complaints come back to us", says Internet Direct spokeswoman Brandi Jasmine.

"It's our hope that the courts will want to make a strong statement in this case to deter others from abusing the Internet."

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