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Tuesday, November 4, 1997

Regulating the Net

U.N. to look at ways to regulate the Net

by Darren Leroux

The United Nations is looking to try and regulate the Net, more specifiacally, regulate hate speech on the Net.

Two bodies within the U.N. will look into the possibility of policing the Net to free it of hate speech that infringes on general human rights.

The High Commission for Human Rights will disucuss ways of policing the Net to ensure that it is used in a responsible manner, and to look at ways of screening material that promotes racism.

In the other corner, the International Telecommunications Union has come up with ideas for the implementation of Internet standards.

These groups will work to find the best and most effiecnet ways to regluate the Net, something that they have tried before but came up somewhat empty handed.

Internet regulation is a very difficult and timely business, this new announcemant by the U.N. seems to show that they are very serious about getting involved.

These groups will meet November 10 to 14 in Geneva, Swizterland to disscuss the how they can expand their ideas to the global network.

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