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Sunday, November 2, 1997

DoubleClick targets Canada

Online ad company brings us tailored banners

by Robert Dutt

Canadian businesses are now able to DoubleClick for banner ads.

DoubleClick, an online advertising company that has delivered more than 6 billion Internet ads since its inception late in 1995, today opened a network in Canada.

The company collects data on users' Web-travelling habits using cookies, and then uses that data to make sure they see banner ads that are targeted to their interests.

DoubleClick launched the new network and site to better cater to heavy Canadian Internet traffic by allowing local and national companies to advertise on their system. The company estimates it already serves 20 million Internet ads a month to Canadian users.

The Canadian launch follows an Asian launch in August, and includes companies such as Royal Bank of Canada, Canada Trust, and the Canadian Yellow Pages Publishers Association in its initial rollout.

Opponents criticize DoubleClick's tactics, saying it violates the privacy of the Netizen because surfers generally don't know when DoubleClick installs a cookie on their system, or even that they're being tracked.

The company, for its part, says it does not violate privacy because "users who receive an ad targeted by DoubleClick's technology remain completely anonymous" in that the cookies don't collect names, addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses of users.

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