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Wednesday, February 4, 1998

Satirical site wins one for free speech

The Canadian Internet Licencing Board, a satirical web site about Canadian content, has won this year's Internet World Impact Award for Communication.

The award was presented Wednesday at Internet World Canada.

The site, created by Hip Hype Inc., an internet public relations and marketing company, was launched just before April Fool's Day in 1997 on behalf of a fictitious client, Harold Oser, at hoser@cilb.com. CILB informed webmasters that they must register their Web sites and provide enough Canadian content, like maple syrup, William Shatner, and hockey, to be eligible for a licence.

The award honoured the site's demonstration of the effectiveness of communication over the Internet and the attention it has drawn to free speech.

"What started out as an exercise for a case study to demonstrate effective online communication has taken on a life of its own", said Carol Feeney, Hip Hype's co-founder.

The site attracts over 3,000 people per month, some from Australia and Japan, and has received over 1,000 "licence applications".

Other Impact Award winners include The Discovery Channel's Exploration Network, Lottery Buddy, and Canadian Online Explorer.

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