CBC Radio
(St. John's, Newfoundland)
Tuesday, September 23, 1997

Internet Porn Trial

Computers files don't always tell the truth.

That was what the court heard yesterday in the case of Patrick Daniels.

The Labrador City Man is charged with importing and possessing child pornography via the internet.

Yesterday the defence called Dr. David Jones as an expert witness.

He's a computer Science professor at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario.

Jones testified he set up two computers in his home.

He did this to show how a computer in Labrador City could get pictures from a computer in Mexico.

The tests showed that there could be complications.

Jones testified that a computer's records in Mexico could show it delivered pictures to a computer in Labrador City when it actually hadn't.

Last week the prosecution presented evidence that indicated pornographic pictures were sent from Mexico to Labrador City.

The trial continues this morning with the prosecution continuing its cross-examination of Jones.

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