The Calgary Sun
Friday, March 12, 1999

Child porn linked to Winnipeg sex-for-drugs case

WINNIPEG (CP) -- Child pornography may have been a byproduct of a sex-for-drugs ring Winnipeg police believe they smashed this week.

Whether the ring - which police said involved at least 15 men who preyed on poor, aboriginal girls in central Winnipeg - was "recreational" or had a business side to it is still under investigation.

"We have loose information that certain filming may have taken place of sexual acts, that potentially Polaroid photographs were taken, and that's one of the reasons search warrants were executed at a number of locations", said Insp. Ken Beiner of the police youth division yesterday.

Police also checked to see if computers were present.

"The volume of material that we seized is sufficiently large that it's going to take us a few days to go through all of it", said Beiner.

Police say men in the ring traded cocaine for sex with girls as young as 13. They know of five or six victims, but say there could just as easily be 30.

Meanwhile, police are still looking for a central figure in the case who may have fled Manitoba.

A cross-Canada warrant is out for Joselito Dy, who faces a long list of drug and sex charges - but wasn't found in Wednesday's raid.

Dy has been wanted since last summer by immigration authorities who wanted to deport him to his native Philippines for failing to live up to undertakings as a landed immigrant.

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