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Wednesday, June 9, 1997

Bomb fear grows

'My roommate heard a bang. It scard the heck out of me.'

by Kelly Harris

Another bomb incident in the city has terrified residents of a northeast home who discovered a home-made explosive had gone off in their garage.

They heard a loud noise from the rear of the home in Abbeydale late Saturday but didn't think much of it.

When they investigated yesterday morning, they found two home-made bombs had exploded between their vehicles.

"My roommates heard a bang. When we went outside, there were two home-made bombs in pop bottles", said one of the residents of the house on Aberdare Cres., who didn't wish to be identified.

"It scared the heck out of me."

City police confirmed there were two home-made bombs.

"We're investigating how these devices ended up in the garage", said Insp. Allan Hargreaves.

"We located two home-made explosive devices -- it is unknown at this time why they were there."

The explosion did little damage and no one was injured.

This is the fourth home-made bomb case in the past two weeks, but investigators don't think the incidents are related.

Deputy police Chief Jim Mathews said the three previous cases are probably the work of youths who have access to bomb-making information on the Internet.

Although there have been no injuries in the latest cases, police continue to warn the public that people have lost fingers and hands in other bombing incidents.

The only arrests that have been made followed a bombing in Sundance in southeast Calgary, in which two juvenile males were charged with possessing explosive devices.

Their names can't be revealed under the Young Offenders Act.

On May 31, there was a bomb scare at the Petland Store near Sunridge Mall following a threat by phone.

No bomb was found.

And there have been no arrests in the April 1996, attempted bombing of the Calgary Jewish Centre, where an office worker was slightly burned.

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