The Burlington News
Saturday, June 13, 1998
page N4

Internet exposure is a worry

Re: Library clamps down on Net porn, May 23

Since when are we, Burlington residents and families who expect our children to be protected from internet slut, subject to the scrutiny of a McMaster professor? If I had anything to do with the hiring there, he would certainly be looking for work elsewhere.

Since when does the welfare of our children in this community take a second place to his concern of diminishing the value of the Internet? Burlington residents should expect their local library to be a safe place for their children to collect information for their schoolwork, and that certainly does not include an Internet-displayed centerfold nude of Playboy Magazine.

I don't give a hoot about what other area libraries' policies are and it is high time that the Burlington staff places concern of exposure over intellectual freedom. Maybe they should check out Internet providers who do filter porno stuff. One known to me is CleanNet, which is gaining ground considerably lately. This would also save the library the $11,000 cost plus the $2,000 annual maintenance.

My hat goes off to Councillor John Taylor, who in his position as council appointed member of the library board, has the interest and well being of the average Burlington family in mind.

Arie J. Hordyk, Burlington

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