The Burlington News
Tuesday, May 12, 1998
page N4

Library upgrades Internet to high speed

Burlington Public Library is upgrading to high-speed Internet service, thanks to a $9,600 provincial grant.

"Having seen how much my daughters enjoy learning on the Internet, it is a real pleasure to help our library in its efforts to improve Internet access for all Burlington residents", said MPP Cam Jackson in announcing the grant.

"Our library has long been established as an important learning centre within our community and these upgrades will enhance its role in a changing society", he added.

The Burlington Public Library is one of 26 libraries across Ontario to receive a grant to acquire equipment and upgrades for high-speed Internet connections.

"We are thrilled because this upgrade will allow us to tap into a province-wide network of libraries and information providers", said Susan Lawson, chair of the Burlington Public Library Board.

The funds come from Network 2000, a partnership of public and private sector sponsors committed to creating widespread public access to the Internet and developing innovative access to Ontario's library resources, by the year 2000.

Along with enhanced Internet access, Network 2000 will create new opportunities for libraries to share databases, convert information into electronic formats, and develop new services.

Last year, the provincial government spent $28.6 million on libraries.

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