Associated Press
Monday, April 27, 1998

Quebec says its language laws apply to Internet ads

QUEBEC (AP) -- Quebec businesses must obey the province's language laws when they advertise on the Internet to ensure that French-speaking consumers are properly served, the province's culture minister said Monday.

"I think the laws of the land apply", Louise Beaudoin said. "I know it's a big debate but that's what the government thinks right now."

The language laws say commercial signs must be in French, with English also allowed only if French is predominant. Quebec says it has received legal advice that it is on solid ground in extending its legislation to commercial advertising on the Internet.

A Montreal-area computer store, Micro-Bytes Logiciels, was ordered last year to translate its English-only Internet site into French.

More than 80 percent of Quebec's 7 million people speak French as their first language.

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