Ontario Human Rights Code
Statutes of Ontario 1990, Chapter H.19


46. In this Act,
(a) "Commission"
means the Ontario Human Rights Commission;
(b) "Minister"
means the member of the Executive Council to whom the powers and duties of the Minister under this Act are assigned by the Lieutenant Governor in Council;
(c) "person"
in addition to the extended meaning given it by the Interpretation Act, includes an employment agency, an employers' organization, an unincorporated association, a trade or occupational association, a trade union, a partnership, a municipality and a board of police commissioners established under the Police Act. ("personne") [1981, c.53, s.45. R.S.O. 1980, cc.219,381.]

Act binds Crown
47. (1) This Act binds the Crown and every agency of the Crown.
Act has primacy over other Acts
(2) Where a provision in an Act or regulation purports to require or authorize conduct that is a contravention of Part I, this Act applies and prevails unless the Act or regulation specifically provides that it is to apply notwithstanding this Act.
(3) Subsection (2) does not apply to an Act or regulation heretofore enacted or made until two years after this Act comes into force. [1981, c.53, s.46.]

48. The Lieutenant Governor in Council may make regulations,
(a) prescribing standards for assessing what is undue hardship for the purposes of section 11, 17 or 24;
(b) prescribing forms and notices and providing for their use. [1981, c.53, s.47; 1986, c.64, s.18(17).]