487.02 Where an authorization is given under section 184.2 , 184.3 , 186 or 188 , a warrant is issued under section 487.01 or 492.1 or subsection 492.2(1) or an order is made under subsection 492.2(2) , the judge or justice who gives the authorization, issues the warrant or makes the order may order any person to provide assistance where the person's assistance may reasonably be considered to be required to give effect to the authorization, warrant or order. [1993, c.40, s.15.]

Comments: As an example, the assistance of the telephone company may be required to implement an authorization under section 186 to intercept private communications or to install a telephone number recorder under section 492.2 . Although violation of an order under this section is not specifically made an offence, presumably the failure to comply could be punished under section 127 .
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