This is a verbatim copy of the press release issued by Internet Gateway Services (IGS) on Friday, November 8, 1996. It was published on the Internet, and faxed to several local and national news organizations.


Kanata, Ontario
Friday, November 8, 1996

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IGS Removes Illegal Webpage

Information Gateway Services, a regional Internet Service Provider, has removed an offensive webpage of one of its users. IGS user 'colin' created and published the "I Hate Lucien Bouchard" web page. After examining the web page, the RCMP deemed the content illegal under the Criminal Code of Canada. IGS wishes to emphatically state that we do not endorse the opinions of this user and have removed the page on advice from legal counsel. IGS will cooperate fully with the proper authorities to fight hate literature while still promoting freedom of speech.

Information Gateway Services is a responsible Internet access provider.

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