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La Frontière Électronique du Canada

Electronic Frontier Canada (EFC) was founded to ensure that the principles embodied in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms remain protected as new computing, communications, and information technologies are introduced into Canadian society.
La Frontière Électronique du Canada a été fondée pour garantir que les principes énoncés dans la Charte canadienne des Droits et des Libertés soient protégés, lors de l'introduction dans la société canadienne des nouvelles technologies de calcul, de communication, et d'information.
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[new 26jan01]

R. v. Sharpe

Court decisions relating to controversial child pornography law.

[new 16jan01]

EFC on the Naked News

Q: What do you get when you combine: Freedom of Expression, the Net, a Privacy Rights news story, and EFC ??
A: You get the Naked News, of course!
More precisely, you the lovely and talented Carmen Russo reading the news, with David Jones of Electronic Frontier Canada quoted as saying he doesn't like Ontario's new smart-cards because they could create a "Surveillance Society". Oh, and Carmen is naked. David Jones, thankfully, is only mentioned, and is not naked.

Check it out in EFC's Media Archives.

[new 01jan01]

Canada's new Privacy Legislation

What once was Bill C-54, then Bill C-6, has now become the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. Organizations must now adopt fair information practices when dealing with personal information. As of January 1st, federally regulated industries and organizations moving information across provincial boundaries must comply. Next year, health-related information will be included, and in 2004 all businesses will fall under this new law.

This new law gives consumers two important privacy tools: the right to be given access to their personal information held by organizations and to be told how their information is being used; and the ability to file a complaint with the federal Privacy Commissioner, who can conduct an investigation.

EFC is seeking volunteers interested in privacy who are willing to share their ideas and invest some time and effort. Which companies do you think might be the worst privacy abusers? Are your willing to invest some time and effort to file a request for access to your personal information, or file a complaint? What do you think? Follow the discussion on EFC-TALK.

[new 27oct00]

Hack the Vote ?!

A new web site has popped up, (ElectionResultsCanada.com), promising to deliver up-to-the-minute results during the upcoming federal election through webpages, email, pagers, and cell phones, despite a publication ban.

Should west coast Canadians be able to vote strategically, by learning results after the polls close out east? Should this provision of the Canada Elections Act be struck down because it unreasonably interferes with freedom of expression and the right to a free and informed vote?

What do you think? Follow the discussion on EFC-TALK.

For more information about our specific aims, please read EFC's statement of purpose. If you support our goals, we hope you'll consider becoming a supporting member by filling out an EFC membership application form. The easiest way to reach us is by email: efc@efc.ca . We also have more details on how to contact us, if you need to reach us in a hurry.

Pour plus d'informations sur nos buts spécifiques, merci de lire la déclaration d'intention d'EFC. Si vous soutenez nos objectifs, nous espérons que vous envisagerez de devenir membre en remplissant une fiche de demande d'adhésion. La façon la plus simple de nous contacter est par e-mail: efc@efc.ca . Nous sommes à votre disposition pour plus de détails sur la manière de nous contacter en cas d'urgence.

If you are interested, we have more information about EFC, how it is organized, how decisions get made, example EFC activities, and how you can play a role as a supporting member.

Please feel free to browse EFC's Archives to learn more about some our activities and about challenges to your fundamental rights and freedoms in cyberspace.

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